About company

UAB „Nirlita" was established in Šiauliai in 1995. Today, UAB „Nirlita" operates in markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. It has its representatives in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Minsk. UAB „Nirlita" is a member of Irlanda group. Authorised capital of UAB „Nirlita" amounts to 335 700 eur. There are 35 employees working in the company.
Main activity types of company UAB „Nirlita"​ :
     ●  Sale, lease, service and spare parts of diesel, gas electrical forklifts: „Nirlita" is the official representative of Hyundai forklifts and warehouse equipment in Lithuania;
     ●  Repairs of construction and inductrial machinery;
     ●  Mobile technical service throughout all Lithuania;
     ●  Racks for storehouses;
     ●  Pallet wrappers, and packing equipment
     ●  Sale and repairs of people lifting platforms and towers;
     ●  Inside equipment for storehouses;
     ●  Hydraulic carriages;
     ●  Technical hoses, their connectors;
     ●  Repairs of hydraulic cylinders;
     ●  Nozzle pressing for hydraulic hoses;
     ●  Sale of fire-fighting inventory;
     ●  Filling of fire-extinguishers;
     ●  Painting of fire-fighting structures;
     ●  Sale of work safety equipment;
     ●  Rubber and PVC hoses, sale of technical rubber;
     ●  Brand showroom of ceramic and stone mass tiles – sale and design.

Work with customer
We have as many as 2300 permanent customers. The main attention by the company is paid to individual work with representatives of enterprises, agricultural companies and organisations, focusing on expert estimation of needs as well as rational and finalized proposal of solutions.

Qualified personnel
We have 35 specialists in the company, including 50 % of employees with higher education, 60 % of the specialists of the company have worked here for over 10 years. Managers specialize according to the groups of products and therefore are able to provide qualified consultations and to offer the most suitable technical proposals.

Our vision
Quality supply of services under the company‘s activity fields.

Our mission
To ensure continuous operation of machinery to our customers, while realising own ideas and improvement of welfare.